Some Chapman & Patten Family Letters & Photos                

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Some postcards from JapanNara & Karuizawa, 1913-1914
Jim writes to his father on his birthdayKyoto, 17th April 1923
Jim writes to his motherKyoto, 28th August 1923
Photographs of Jim’s father & motherVirginia, dates unknown
Jim writes about the Tokyo earthquakeKyoto, 6th September 1923
Big Den writes to ClaudiaCanaan, 17th August 1925
Phil joins The Shell CompanyLondon, 12th November 1925
Obituary of Jim’s motherGreenboro, North Carolina, 1928
Dunbarton is burned downNew York, 5th April 1943
Hugo Roger to his family from campHong Kong, 3rd September 1945
Denden writes of Jim’s deathGordonsville, 14th September 1946
Crossing the Atlantic on a tanker (1)At sea, 20th October 1946
Crossing the Atlantic on a tanker (2)Port-of-Spain, 4th November 1946
A brief note from TrinidadPort-of-Spain,6th November 1946
An exciting trip from Trinidad to New YorkGordonsville, 10th November 1946
Back in New York againNew York,10th December 1946
On the way to Manila by freighterAt sea, 14th December 1946
Fever and prickly heat in ManilaManila, 20th April 1947
Last weeks in the PhilippinesBaguio, 15th May 1947
Phil Patten to his motherShanghai, 6th July 1947
Flight to Hong Kong, first days in ShanghaiShanghai, 14th October 1947
A trip to NankingShanghai, 9th December, 1948
New Year in ShanghaiShanghai, 3rd January 1949
Life in Shanghai as the Communists approach       Shanghai, 2nd February 1949
The car accident in Richmond, VirginiaGordonsville, 3rd February 1950
Frustration in Hong KongHong Kong, 31st March 1950
From Tientsin to ShanghaiShanghai, 6th June 1950
Last months in ShanghaiShanghai, 8th January 1951
Escape from ShanghaiOn board S.S. Canton, 15th May 1951
A visit to IrelandBrunswick Gardens, 12th July 1963
Getting ready for Jennifer’s weddingBrunswick Gardens, 15th March 1965
Claudia describes Jennifer’s weddingBoscombe Village, 12th May 1965
Christmas 1965Brunswick Gardens, 3rd January 1966
The new Mini is nearly stolenBrunswick Gardens, 20th June 1966
Christmas 1966Brunswick Gardens, 3rd January 1967
An unusual Christmas serviceBrunswick Gardens, 27th December 1967
Just into Blenheim Crescent, but Phil is dyingBrunswick Gardens, 17th November 1968
Claudia describes Phil’s deathBoscombe Village, 3rd December 1968
The great storm in FarnboroughFarnborough, 3rd March 1970
Mollie goes to Bodior and the OddiesFarnborough, 17th June 1970
Christmas 1971Brunswick Gardens, 7th January 1972
Flood in FarnboroughBrunswick Gardens, 11th February, 1972
Piers is bornBrunswick Gardens, July 1972
A camping trip in ItalyBrunswick Gardens, 9th September 1976
Christmas 1977 letter to DendenBlenheim Crescent, 7th December, 1977
Christmas 1979 letter to DendenBlenheim Crescent, 7th December, 1979
Christmas 1980 letter to DendenBlenheim Crescent, 8th December, 1980
Christmas 1981 letter to DendenBlenheim Crescent, 2nd December, 1981
Andrew writes about MollieBlenheim Crescent, October, 1981
Inigo’s letters from India (1987)Southern India, early 1987
Inigo’s letters from India (1989)Kashmir and Kumaon, 1989
Many tributes to JenniferNovember 2000
Jennifer – In Memoriam (Victor)Farnborough, 16th June 2001
Jennifer – In Memoriam (Matthew)Farnborough, 16th June 2001
Jennifer – In Memoriam (Susan)Farnborough, 16th June 2001
Inigo writes from Queen Elizabeth IIOn board QE2 July 2001
Mostly photos of LeeLondon, February 2017
Inigo – In Memoriam (Victor)London, 9th January, 2018